Collection 2011


Written by Éva Kállay, Catrinel CRĂCIUN, Gabriel VONAȘ, Adriana BĂBAN on . Posted in Volume XV, Nr. 1


Adolescence is an extremely challenging period of life, when drastic physical and psychological changes take place in relatively short time-frames, when most adolescents start experiencing sexual feelings on which some will act upon or not. Sometimes, these initiatives may prove highly maladaptive, which may negatively impact both the adolescent, his/her immediate environment, and society as a whole. The major aims of this study refer to the identification of gender specificities in sexual behavior among Romanian adolescents. In the same time, we would also like to investigate the trend in sexual behaviors specific to this age group between the two assessments: 2006 and 2010. The investigation of sexual risk behaviors as well as the attitudes and beliefs associated with these behaviors in the case of Romanian adolescents is essential for the development of efficient programs through which one may promote healthy sexual behaviors.

KEYWORDS: sexual health, sexual behavior, development, contraceptive use.

PAGES: 57-68