Validation of the Hungarian Sport Motivation Scale (H-SMS)

Written by Robert Paic, Attila Kajos, Balázs Meszler, Gyöngyvér Prisztóka on . Posted in Special issue: Mental aspects of sport performance - Volume XXI, Nr 4


Robert Paic1,*, Attila Kajos2,1, Balázs Meszler1, Gyöngyvér Prisztóka1

1 Institute of Sport Science and Physical Education, University of Pécs, Faculty of Sciences, Pécs, Hungary
2 Department of Business Economics, Corvinus Business School, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary


In the current study, we aimed to test for the validity of the translated and adapted Hungarian version of the Sport Motivation Scale-2 (SMS-2). The psychometric properties of the adapted SMS-2 scale were tested in a sample of male and female athletes (N = 500) pertaining to various sport domains. Both exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were employed to test the factorial structure of the adapted SMS-2. The final version, including six factors and 19 items, was derived after testing two different models, one of which provided the best fit for the data. Additionally, the Hungarian Sport Motivation Scale (H-SMS) kept all the factors from the original SMS-2 scale. Furthermore, our analyses confirmed that the intrinsic motivation factor can be further divided into cognitive intrinsic (perceived competence) and effective intrinsic (self-effectiveness) factors. Together, our findings confirm the validity of the H-SMS, proving that this measure can be reliably used for evaluating Hungarian athletes’ sport motivation.

Keywords: sport motivation, validation, Self-determination theory, Sport Motivation Scale



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