Development and validation of a new ability-based measure of emotional intelligence: Cluj Emotional Intelligence Scale CEIS

Written by Mirela Simona Călinici, Tudor Călinici, Robert Balazsi, Mircea Miclea on . Posted in Volume XXIV, Nr 4


Mirela Simona Călinici1,2,*, Tudor Călinici2, Robert Balazsi1, Mircea Miclea1

1Department of Psychology, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2Department of Medical Education, “Iuliu Hațieganu” University and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Theoretical models of ability-based emotional intelligence (EI) present the ability to regulate other’s emotion as part of the emotion regulation facet, but in existing ability-based self-report EI measures, this ability is often not evaluated (e.g., Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale, WLEIS, 2004) or is evaluated as a separate facet, in the work context (e.g., Workgroup Emotional Intelligence Profile WEIP-3, 2002). This consideration led to the development of a new self-report EI measure to assess EI abilities (Cluj Emotional Intelligence Scale, CEIS); the process of development and validation is presented in the current paper, across four different studies. Study 1 (n = 218) used item- analysis and exploratory factor analysis to select relevant items. Study 2 (n = 215) tested the factorial structure, convergent and discriminant validity and test-retest reliability (in sub-sample n = 75). Study 3 (n = 164) cross-validates the factorial structure and assesses concurrent validity of new instrument with well-being. Study 4 (n= 136) presents the translation of the new instrument from its original Romanian language into English and the evaluation of its psychometric properties.

Keywords: emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, emotional abilities, interpersonal emotional intelligence, other’s emotion regulation



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