Volume XXIV, Nr 2

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Falling victims to online disinformation among young Filipino people: Is human mind to blame? Zaldy C. Collado, Angelica Joyce M. Basco, Albin A. Sison 2595
Relations among gender, status and various dimensions of the belief in a just world and justice sensitivity Amine Rezrazi, Bernard Gangloff 1807
Psychometric properties of the Lithuanian version of Barratt Impulsiveness Scale‐11 (BIS‐11) in a nonclinical sample Jovita Janavičiūtė, Liuda Šinkariova 1716
Positive life-event expectancies are associated with greater optimism, well-being and emotional intelligence Júlia Patakiné Bősze, Ferenc Köteles, Fanni Komlósi, Szilvia Boros, Attila Szabo 2000
The role of the motor system in visual working memory: Further findings Clara Gimenez, Denis Brouillet 1732
False memories: Romanian Deese-Roediger-McDermott lists of words Andreea Horoiță, Adrian Opre 1853