Volume XXII, Nr 2

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Mathematical cognition, working memory, and processing speed in children Jesica Formoso, Irene Injoque-Ricle, Juan-Pablo Barreyro, Alejandra Calero, Silvia Jacubovich, Débora I. Burín 4121
Representations of infertility as reflected in on-line discussion forums in Romania Ingrid Dănilă & Adriana Băban 3611
Victim blaming by women and men who believe the world is a just place Gabriela L. Culda, Adrian N. Opre, Alexandra D. Dobrin 4519
Discounting or intra-attribute comparison: A review of choice mechanism in intertemporal choice Jiuqing Cheng, Shennan Liang, Cassidy Janssen 3824