Written by Daniela DUMULESCU, Cristina FILIP, Adrian OPRE on . Posted in Volume XIX, Nr 3


Given the contemporary employment market characteristics, finding a meaning in career, a purpose and a significance of work are essential for wellbeing, career success, and adaptability. In spite of this, there is little scientific research on the relationship between calling, career adaptability and two key outcome variables. Using a sample of 445 undergraduate and graduate Romanian students (334 female; 111 male), the aim of the present study is to address a gap in the literature pertaining to the relationship between calling, career adaptability, career engagement and life satisfaction. Firstly, we tested the relationship between career calling and career adaptability. The results showed strong positive correlations between the two variables. We also tested two mediation models: the mediating role of adaptability between calling in career and students' life satisfaction (Model 1) and between calling and career engagement (Model 2). Mediation analysis showed that calling facilitated the career adaptability which promoted greater life satisfaction and career engagement. Implications for further research on career education and career counselling practices are discussed.

KEYWORDS: calling in career, career adaptability, life satisfaction, career engagement

PAGES: 271-284