Collection 2012

THE EFFECTS OF AN ENDOSCOPY SIMULATOR BASED TRAINING - The preliminary results of the SIMTECH research project -

Written by Voicu MERCEA, Marcel TANTAU, Éva Kállay, Mircea MICLEA, Oliviu PASCU on . Posted in Volume XVI, Nr. 3


Presently, Romania is confronted with an extremely high number of hospital admissions for digestive diseases. Considering the gravity of their implications and the discomfort experienced by the patients, the diagnostic investigation of these diseases needs highly skilled professionals and modern diagnostic devices. The major objective of the present study was to develop and implement a modern, innovative, cost-efficient training method for endoscopy techniques (colonoscopy and gastroscopy) using computer simulators, as well as test its efficacy. Our results have shown that the efficacy of trainees has significantly improved during training sessions, in both forms of computer simulation programs.

KEYWORDS: digestive diseases, simulator based training, colonoscopy, gastroscopy