Volume XXV, Nr 2

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Sensitivity to financial rewards and impression management links to smartphone use and dependence Graham Pluck, Pablo Emilio Barrera Falconi 2860
Monolingual and bilingual children’s understanding of Moore-paradox sentences Krisztina Bartha 2817
Electroencephalography based detection of cognitive state during learning tasks: An extensive approach Theparambil Asharaf Suhail, Kottanayil Pally Indiradevi, Ekkarakkudy Makkar Suhara, Poovathinal Azhakan Suresh, Ayyappan Anitha 2726
The evolution of perfectionistic concerns and strivings in the proximity of exams: Evidence from a short-term longitudinal study Sylvia Burcaș, Romeo Zeno Crețu 2113